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This guide to resisting the Trump Administration’s deregulatory agenda was written by former EPA staffers.

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Join us December 9th for PAWS 2017 Holiday Open House!


It’s almost time for PAWS 2017 Holiday Open House at Ark 2000 Sanctuary in San Andreas, CA! Join us there! You can get your tickets at this link: PAWS events and tickets

We love ALL animals here at Linnea Luna Designs, but we DO have a super soft spot for bears. PAWS is home to quite a few bears. Come on out and see them. Here’s a bit of info about the bears…PAWS Bears

We’re happy to hear sweet little Mack is adjusting well to his digs at the PAWS facility in Galt, CA. Isn’t he cute?

PAWS is such a great cause and we hope you’ll join us in supporting their work.

Happy Thanksgiving from Linnea Luna Designs

Featured Voices: Why I’m Genderqueer, Professional, and Unafraid

Featured Voices: Why I’m Genderqueer, Professional, and Unafraid

Amazing! I would be proud to know you, Jacob!

“For years, professionalism has been my enemy, because it requires that my gender identity is constantly and unrepentantly erased.” 

Featured Voices guest writer Jacob Tobia seeks gender empowerment in the professional world. When being visibly gender nonconforming raises more than eyebrows on the street, how can someone stay true to their identity in the workplace?

Why I’m Genderqueer, Professional and Unafraid

I looked myself up and down in the full-length mirror. Blouse tucked in? Check. Pearl earrings on? Check. Lipstick flawless? Check. After a few minutes of primping, posing and deep breathing, I was off to my first day at a new job.

When I start a new job, I struggle with all of the typical trepidations and hesitations. Will my coworkers like me? Will I fit in with the office culture? Am I formatting this report the right way?

But one question loomed above all others as I…

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We MUST fight to protect our wildlife!


More than ever before, we must fight to protect our wildlife, our public lands, our air and our water.

The new administration taking over Washington DC in January is one that is decidedly pro-Big Oil and Big Business and NOT concerned with climate change or environmental protection, not concerned with supporting legislation for a healthier planet for the generations to come.

Because of this, we feel we need to speak speak up, speak out, and put everything we’ve got into fighting the new administration when it threatens the future of our environment and our wildlife.

This upcoming year, a decision will be made whether or not to remove the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Grizzly from protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Scientists conclude delisting would be a mistake.


The above photo was taken by Rick Partlow in 2015. This grizzly is known as Hobo.



PAWS Ark 2000 Holiday Open House


The PAWS Ark 2000 Holiday Open House is Saturday, December 10, 2016 from 11AM to 2PM at the PAWS Sanctuary in San Andreas, CA. Come see lions and tigers and bears-OH MY! And more!

This is a video of one of the ARK 2000 Bears, named Ben.

For more information about PAWS and the work it does for animals, see:

For a calendar of events and event information, see:

Come join us, and see wonderful animals now free to live their lives away from circuses and roadside attractions. Not quite as free as they would be in the wild, but the next best thing.

Tomi’s new life


Tomi the bear was rescued from a terrible plight in Albania, where he lived in a small, dirty, concrete and metal pen and was forced to beg for scraps from tourists to survive. He was fed sweets and beer for the amusement of people, left so bored and depressed he bit his own arms in distress.

But now, his life is much different. He is feeling grass beneath his paws and has water to splash in, and other bears for companionship. Ideally, Tomi should be in the wild, where all wild animals belong. But having been captive for so long, a sanctuary is the only acceptable option for Tomi. We hope he lives a long, satisfying bear existence in the Prishtina Sanctuary. What a cutie! Here he is smiling! Photo by Prishtina Sanctuary.



Watch Tomi do his morning yoga here:

Tomi does yoga video -so cute!

Get the story of Tomi’s rescue here:

Four Paws rescues Europe’s Saddest Bears



Linnea Luna’s New Etsy Shop


In the coming weeks, Linnea Luna Designs will be debuting some really cool stuff on Etsy. Sure, we’ll still have the craft supplies and components on offer, but we’ll also have in the new shop our own arts and crafts. As is our usual, our signature item line will be centered around celestial motifs, but a HUGE part of what we do going forth will be charity for bears. We will design different lines of items for each organization we support and offer them in our shop, so you can help us support those folks who care for sick, injured, and orphaned bears and other wildlife. All benefit items will be clearly noted and all profits from benefit items (100%) will go to the charity specified. We will be donating our time and talents as well as the materials to manufacture these items. We will be testing each item to make sure it is well made and lives up to our high standard of quality during normal use. We will, as ever, focus on prompt shipping and excellent customer service. Our shipping rates will be EXACTLY what the US Postal Service charges US to mail your package to you and not a cent more. We want you to come back! So we need you to be happy with your purchases and the service you receive. We’ll do our best. That’s a promise.

So, what kinds of items will you find in our shop? In the coming months, we will be listing handmade jewelry for women, men and kids, accessories, clothing, toys, decorations for the home, and other home goods like candles, linens, clocks, and lamps-both electric and oil! Bear and wildlife items will always be charity benefit items. You’ll also see lines of our own signature fun stuff, and lines based on various themes, color schemes, holidays, hobbies and current pop culture too.

Linnea Luna Designs is NOT a 503(c)1 non-profit. We do much work FOR non-profits but are not non-profit ourselves nor will we seek to become non-profit in the future. We will offer items on which we DO make a profit, and items on which we DO NOT. Again, benefit items will always be clearly denoted and our quarterly donation statements will be available for our customers to view, so they can see how much we are donating and to whom.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you love our new store: coming soon!






Mack the 3 legged yearling is safe in a sanctuary!


Unlike poor Pedals the bear, who was killed in the New Jersey Black Bear Hunt this week, Mack the Bear is safe and sound at the Galt, CA sanctuary of PAWS. Isn’t he a cutie? We’ll be doing work to support Mack and PAWS in the coming weeks. 

Rescued three-legged yearling bear finds home at PAWS sanctuary



Mack will have a good life now! When his new, permanent home is completed at ARK 2000 in San Andreas, CA, he will be transfered there to live out his years in luxury. ARK 2000 has over 2,300 acres of land for its residents to roam. YAY Mack! We’re certainly going to be adopting this boy!